Role of Martin Luther King and Malcolm x.

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Was the White Society Wrong and Was the Black Society Right Fighting for Their Freedom?

The ‘Letter from Birmingham’ and ‘The ballot or the bullet’ by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X represents the iconic contribution of the two gentlemen towards Black nationalism in the USA. Martin Luther King wrote the Letter from Birmingham when in solitary confinement in Alabama.The reason for Kings arrest was his participation in a peaceful anti- segregation march that was against the Jim Crows system of separate bathrooms, schools and restaurants for blacks and whites.The fight against injustice was the responsibility of everyone since injustice in any part of the world is injustice everywhere.The injustices highlighted by Dr King and Malcolm X were violence against Africans, Racist approach of business by white merchants and the disregard of black political leaders by the white leadership.

The fact that white leaders in Alabama propagated ideas that denied African Americans participation in dialogue left no other option but non-violent protests by blacks.By dramatizing racism the white community was to be forced to confront the issue, and this was an example use of creative tension as envisioned by Martin Luther King.The legitimate impatience by the black community was as a result of the realization that freedom will never be given voluntarily by the oppressor and must be grabbed.King argued that Laws should not be a facilitator of evil deeds giving examples of how Hitler was allowed by German Law to kill maim and displace millions of Jews.The premise by King is that no law can be considered democratically structured if the minorities are denied a role in their enactment.The silence of moderate white people in the time widespread racism was regarded as a collaboration with the policies that called for black segregation.

The blacks who took up racial extremism against the white were not any better than the whites racists.Malcolm X advocates Black extremism while Martin Luther King considered himself an extremist for progressive values just like Jesus, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Dr King yearned the return of the days the church was a thermostat and not merely a thermometer.Malcolm X was considered a radical black nationalist who warned of dire consequences if the white domination of blacks did not stop.He argued that the pent up anger of Historical injustices would one day explode with disastrous consequences to the USA. Malcolm X though a Muslim gave the ‘Ballot or the bullet speech’ at a church in Detroit calling for the expansion of freedom struggle as a basic fundamental human right. The ideologies perpetuated by Malcolm X are increased participation by Blacks in politics and the awakening of black involvement in all areas of the economy. The role of the two Martin Luther King and Malcolm X in fight freedom is immeasurable.

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were a representative of how any race cannot be subjected to imperialism forever, The rise of this black Nationalism was not a matter of if, but when it would occur. The moderates blacks and whites were seen as collaborators in the segregation of blacks.The black and colored minds were revolutionized by the two iconic gentlemen, and African Americans grew more self-confident and proud of their past.The role of freedoms for blacks is a key element in Black History.The fight for black nationalism was thus celebrated as part of the American history inspiring a new generation of leaders that believed in the respect of fundamental human rights in America. The question as to whether blacks or whites were right can be summarized by the Martin Luther King analysis; Law and order exists for the purpose of establishing justice and any deviation from this it becomes a tool to to prevent social progress. Any wrong done against a human being is a wrong done to the whole world. The fight for black freedom is a fight for white liberty, and both races won when black freedom won.

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