Explain the American Civil Rights Struggles in the 18th Century.

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The United States of America is at the pinnacle of the free world and it is looked upon as one of the most liberal countries in the world. With over two hundred years of independence from the Great Britain, it is obvious that the United States of America has enjoyed independence and self-governance for a really long time and this shows practically why it is the definition of a democratic and liberal country.

The freedom enjoyed by the people of America was not easily acquired though and there is rich history of the struggles of civil rights in America been taught all over the world. This is the century long history of the 18th century where through in-depth reading it is identified exactly where the freedom of the current United States of America was founded from. To date, America is known as the land of opportunities and its citizens and inhabitants enjoy the best of freedom and with every incoming administration of the United States of America, the inaugural speech of the president elect will be filled with emphasis on the need for freedom and how far the freedom search did come.

Well, according to history; the beginning of the free America was when a fraction of the current member states led by the native heads decided against all odds and threats from the crown in England to make declarations that the United States of America is for Americans ;and no native American was insubordinate to the English man and that the Americans should be allowed to lead their own country and manage their own development. This led to the Unitary Declaration of Independence and as history records, this was the first of its kind and the British realized that indeed the United States of America was determined to be free. This message of unity and self-governance spread through until more and more states joined in to the formation of the Strongest nation in the world.

All over the world whatever the times in history, liberty has been achieved only through the shedding of blood and for the 18th century American Civil Rights Struggles there was no exception. The legislative part of struggle for civil rights and liberty having been achieved, the crown in England was not ready to relinquish administrative power since there was quite a lot in store for him in the beautiful land of America. In response to this, there erupted the greatest civil wars in the land of America as far as history is concerned; these wars were spontaneous and widespread and lasted well above five years.

There was great agitation among the American natives and as time passed so did the agitation increase till the crown in England realized that indeed it was time to grant to the Americans what is rightfully theirs. The American Civil Rights Struggles were responsible for giving the American their due independence at the start of the last quarter of the 18th century and up to date, the United States of America holds up highly the civil rights struggles in the 18th century and there is relentless efforts from authorities to ensure that the freedom is maintained and sustained.

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