If black is beautiful how do i gain confidence in my hair?

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Ring! Ring! Ring! Your phone alarm goes off reminding you to wake for work. However, as you stumble out of bed you look out the window to see that it's still dark outside. BAM! then it hits you... you faithfully wake up at the crack of dawn every morning to tackle the "chore of the day"... your hair.

A lot of us go through the dreadful hair dilemma. It's a part of life. The one thing that we fail to realize is... this is what makes us unique! Lets be honest. we scroll down hair gurus' timelines and look at Pinterest ideas all day to help us get through those rough days. Yet most of us will never appreciate the uniqueness of our ethnicity. Despite the social media and views amongst our peers, we are BEAUTIFUL, flaws and all.

Most women will never truly understand that there are people out there who would kill for our hair! Kinky, curly, 3c, 4a, etc. The whole enchilada. We need to just stop and look at all the beautiful things our hair can do and the rich history behind it! Embrace your hair and love every second of it. I honestly love my hair! Don't get me wrong I had my days but for the most part I am truly blessed.

So how do I get that confidence? Say this to yourself everyday. Black is Beautiful. Rock it when no one else does! I guarantee you that an overflow of positive comments will surround you throughout the day. This will leave you wanting more! Before you know it you'll be flaunting your hair styles left to right and giving everyone else tips and tricks. Protective styles can still help you flaunt your new found confidence as well. There are so many styles that cater to our hair textures that there is no reason to be hiding behind long straight bone weaves that only pull out our hair over time. Don't give in to what media thinks we should do to our hair!

Take a look at tribes all over the world who embrace their hair and it's awesome to see how women are envied over their hair as well as their beauty. Modern times have erased our minds and trained us to think that what's acceptable will only make us more beautiful than what we already are. I remember when I applied for a job I was asked to come into the office for an in-person interview. When I arrived there all the office personnel couldn't stop staring at my afro ponytail. I was very upset and confused as to why I was the center of attention. Later that day I told my fiancé and he replied back by saying, "They probably loved it." I went back weeks later when I got the job and behold!! the front desk lady said, "your hair is beautiful." I was speechless!! I said thanks, walked away, and strutted out of that office head held high and full of happiness.

Don't forget that no matter what ethnicity you are, people will always have something to say, good or bad. Never let that stop you from channeling your inner you and feeling beautiful. Black is Beautiful.

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